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Moths are known to infest both the residential and commercial areas. We provide you with the most effective moth control services. If you see holes in your clothes or your packed foods are contaminated, then you should go for moth inspection as soon as possible. Thus, moth control in the house becomes very necessary as this can affect the health of your family. Therefore, you can call us at 07 2000 4287 and book our moth control Robina services. We provide pest control carpet moths and winter moth control. We also provide you with the most affordable moth pest control cost in Robina.

Signs To Identify Clothes And Pantry Moths

In addition to others, various alarming signs to identify pantry moths and clothes moths are as follows:

Pantry Moths

Pantry moths attack areas where you store your food. The female moth can lay 100 eggs and the larvae can contaminate your food. Moth caterpillars can sneak in packed food with plastic or cardboard. Signs to identify pantry moths are:

  • Holes in packets of food with plastic or cardboard
  • Flying or crawling female moths in your house
  • Web-like material inside the corners of the pantry or kitchen
  • Eggs or larvae inside or around your food or food resources.

Thus for their extraction, you can call for our pantry moths extermination service.

Clothes Moths

These are small in size and are up to ½ inches in size. These are beige in colour. They are known to destroy your clothes, fabrics, etc. they prefer dark and undisturbed areas such as clothes, basements and attic. The signs to identify their infestations are:

  • You may see silky furrows, and tunnels on your wool clothing and fabrics
  • Excessive shedding of their skin
  • Unexpected holes in your clothes
  • Rusty deposits on clothes, drapes and rugs
  • Larvae casings stitch to clothes which look like tiny tubes

Therefore you can contact us for clothes or carpet moth extermination service.

How Moths Are Harmful To Human Beings?

The various points describing why moths are harmful to humans are:

  • Moths can ruin your clothes.
  • People who use these clothes and carpets infested by moths can experience skin allergies.
  • In the caterpillar stage of a moth, the hairs can trigger an asthma attack in people around.
  • The droppings of moths can spoil your food and cause you some serious illness.
  • White moths and their green caterpillar larvae can destroy your crops.
  • These flying moths can create nuisance and disturb you in your sleep as well.

Thus you can hire our moth control Robina team for moth larvae and moth caterpillar extermination.

The Three-Step Process To Treat Moths

The three steps that our moth control Robina team follows are:

  • Thorough Inspection

Our moth control process will begin with a thorough inspection of the affected area. Also, our team will leave no stone unturned in conducting the inspection step as this is the most crucial step of the whole process. This particular step helps to determine the level of infestation according to which the extermination method is selected.

  • The Extermination

Afterwards, our team will discard all your belongings that are affected as they can attract infestation in future. Then our team will spray an insecticide to make the area moth-free and resistive to future infestation.

  • Preventive Advice

To prevent your house from any moth infestation you should regularly check the areas that are not used by you regularly. Also, keep the dried food in airtight containers. Furthermore, you should keep your clothes packed in airtight bags. Always keep your kitchen clean.

Take The Right Decision Of Hiring us 

The reasons pointing out that you made the right choice in choosing us for our moth control Robina services are:

  • Certified Moth Control Solution: The experts of our company hold a certificate in conducting moth control services in Robina. Thus, you can hire us for professional moth control experience.
  • Local Team: We have a team of locals who are very well aware of the current situation of the town. Also, they can reach you in no time.
  • Same Day Service Available: We provide you with our same-day moth pest control service through which our team will reach your place within 24 hours of your booking. Our same-day moth exterminator costs are also affordable.
  • Costs You Low: Most of the Robina locals’ concerns are with costs for moth control. So, we keep this in mind by charging you low costs for quality services. 


How much time do you take to complete the whole process?

The time taken for moth control totally depends on the area to be treated. Thus our team will brief you before starting the process once after a quick inspection.

What type of food items attracts moths?

Food items such as cereals, grains, bread, cocoa powder, etc attract moths.

How fast does a moth infestation spread?

If moths find favourable conditions for their stay, they can spread everywhere within a month.