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When it comes to the health of your family, we are very concerned about it. And if you have any kind of ardent rodent infestation in your house then you should get rid of them for the sake of your family. We provide you with the most effective rodent control services in Robina. With our rodent control Robina services, we make sure that your property is rodent-free and secure your place from any infestations in future. Therefore you can give us a call at 07 2000 4287 for quick and unbeatable rodent pest control Robina services.

What Rodents Do When They Feel Danger

Rodents get easily scared by any human activity. Thus they try to avoid situations where they can see the presence of humans. Therefore, whenever they enter your house they don’t move around freely they hide under your furniture. And when they encounter humans, they try to escape from that area. They are on high alert when they are feeding themselves, that is why most of them don’t get trapped in food traps easily.

Significance Of Rodent Control

These notorious small animals can create a lot of nuisance in your house. Along with them, they are the carriers of a lot of diseases. Thus various points that show why their extermination is important are:

  • If these rodents get in touch with your food, they will contaminate it and the consumption of this food can get you sick.
  • If you come in direct contact with rats, it can cause leptospirosis.
  • They also tend to chew your furniture, electric wires, curtains, mattresses, etc and damage your property.
  • Also, their presence can trigger asthma attacks if there are any asthma patients in your house.

With all these points, it is clear that rodent control is necessary which you can call our mice and rat pest control Robina team.

Diseases Caused By Rodents

The various disease that the rodents infestation leads to are:

  • Hantavirus
  • Leptospirosis
  • Lassa Fever
  • Plague
  • Rat-bite Fever
  • Tularemia
  • Salmonellosis

Types Of Rodents That We Control And Treat & The Control Process

The steps that our team uses for rodent control are:

  • Property Inspection

Firstly our team will start by inspecting your whole property. This inspection will give all the details related to the type of rodent, the level of infestation, and all the entry and exit points of the rodents to your property.

  • Extermination Of Rodents

During this step, our team will use an appropriate method to exterminate rodents. This may include the usage of baits, pesticides, fumigation, traps etc. After the proper extermination, the rodent control Robina team will seal all the extry and exit points. And those that can’t be sealed are protected using traps.

  • Follow-Up Action

After the whole process, our team will follow up on whether there are any rodents left or whether the traps working well. If you find any discomfort after the process, you can tell our team during this step.

The various types of rodents that we control are:

  • House Mouse Control

These are between 150-170 mm long and are brown or grey. These are called house mice because they tend to live in areas near humans. Thus they are common to find in offices and houses. They have a long tail and ears that are oversized. Therefore, contact us for our house mice exterminator Robina service that is fast and safe. 

  • Roof Rats Control

These are commonly known as black rats. They are brown-black and are about 40mm long. Despite having poor eyesight, they have an excellent sense of hearing, smell, taste and touch. Therefore you can hire our rodent control Robina team for effective roof rat control service.

  • Norway Rats Control

These are also known as brown rats and are common to find in areas that are damp and have moisture. These are grey or brown and are 40-50cm long. Therefore, they travel through your drainage pipes and enter your house. However, we can stop them from disturbing you with our Norway rats control services. 

Our Rat Extermination Service Is Available Robina-Wide

As rats and mice are very common types of pests that are found Australia-wide. Thus we provide our rodent control Robina services for all the parts of the town. As our team have all the locals thus we can reach you in no time. This also helps us to be available throughout Robina. 

For Affordable And Fast Rodent Control Service In Robina, Contact Us

The various benefits of choosing us for rodent control service Robina are:

  • We are available to take appointments 24*7
  • Our team gets training from superiors 
  • Our team is fully certified and licensed
  • We use eco-friendly products and methods that are safe for your family and pets
  • Local experts are available across Robina.


What leads to a rodent infestation?

Rodents enter your house in search of food, water, and shelter. Thus if your food sources are easy to access they can infest your house as well.

What type of treatment do you provide to kill rodents in my Robina home’s attic?

When it comes to killing rodents, we use green and safe pesticides, rodenticides, baits and traps. These are safe for your family and harmful to rodents.

Which rodent pest control method is best?

The best method to tackle rodents is using mouse traps and mouse baits. Using this they don’t get killed and we can remove them from our property as well.